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As a young commercial and tax law firm, we skilfully provide a one-stop-shop approach in the interest of our national and international clients and offer comprehensive consulting and representation in all areas of private, tax and business law. Along with well-founded legal education and practical experience our seasoned team also has the necessary experience in the business world – thanks to working with leading global companies, directorships and comprehensive continuing education.  The business insights and pragmatic thinking skills gained through this experience and training enables us to offer solutions that are not only legally precise but also innovative, creative and efficient.

General Private- and Contract Law

ATAG Attorneys have comprehensive expertise in the field of general private and contract law as well as a solid perspective to provide optimal contract drafting. We excell our clients especially in drafting and revising contracts in a national and international context and represent them in the event of contract disputes, both in regular courts and courts of arbitration.


  • Purchase Contracts
  • Rental Contracts
  • Leasing Contracts
  • Employment Contracts
  • Work Contracts
  • Service Contracts
  • Distribution Contracts
  • Air Travel Contracts
  • Shipping Transport Contracts
  • Agency Contracts
  • Licensing Contracts
  • Collaboration Contracts
  • Franchising
  • General Terms of Business
  • Planer Contracts
  • TU-/GU-Contracts
  • ARGE- Contracts

Art & Entertainment Law

ATAG Attorneys provide consulting services for all participants in the cultural and art market: artists, collectors, museums, art companies, event promoters, sponsors and cultural associations and have the necessary expertise in the fields of copyright law, cultural sponsoring, transfer of cultural heritage (incl. looted art and art evacuated from war zones), theatre rights, art in the digital age and entertainment law (incl. film, concerts, musicals, shows). We provide consulting services for professional athletes, artists, lecturers and corporations with regards to the tax matters that specifically affect these groups of persons. In the event of a dispute, ATAG Attorneys also head up legal actions in courts and courts of arbitration.


  • Negotiating and finalising contracts in the area of cultural and art law, such as general terms and conditions for auctions and deliveries and individual consignment or purchase contracts
  • Consultation in questions concerning import and export of as well as insurance of art objects
  • Consultation in questions concerning the Cultural Property Transfer Act and the return of looted art
  • Clarifications of matters relating to law governing immaterial properties or personality rights
  • Consultation in the fields of copyright law, cultural sponsoring, transfer of cultural properties (incl. looted art and art removed from war zones) theatre rights, art in the digital age and entertainment law (incl. film, concerts, musicals, shows)
  • Leading negotiations concerning fees for use of copyrighted materials with the collecting societies
  • Leading legal actions before courts and courts of arbitration
  • Swiss and foreign withholding taxes
  • Domiciling questions
  • Structuring revenues

Banks and the Financial Market

ATAG Attorneys provide consulting services to Swiss and international participants in the financial market in all legal and regulatory matters, efficiently analysing and working out solutions to complex legal regulatory and finance-specific questions. Even at the early stages of a project our tax team is included in order to detect potential fiscal effects on transactions and develop proposed solutions to reduce or eliminate them. If required we will consult with specialists from our broad international network will be consulted.


  • Consultation concerning all regulatory matters (regulatory capital for banks and insurance companies, hybrid financial instruments and compliance questions)
  • Support in obtaining permits for operating a bank, trading securities as well as setting up collective capital investments
  • Contact with the responsible oversight authorities
  • Review and negotiation of complex financial transactions
  • Consulting concerning the structuring, permitting, documentation, distribution, compliance and taxation of investment funds and other collective capital investments
  • Consulting concerning all general or specific M&A-legal questions and regulatory matters
  • Consulting and support services for financial institutions in the review and auditing of standardised business documentation, contracts, general terms and conditions and all commercial and customer-related matters

Construction and Real Estate Law

ATAG Attorneys support their clients in all areas of construction and real estate law. From advising landlords, private and public builders and service providers such as construction contractors, general contractors, architects  and engineers to providing consulting services for clients in the purchase or sale of real estate, in the contractual organisation of owner and investor cooperatives such as joint ventures, communities of heirs, etc. as well as with questions regarding contract law relating to land registry entries, planning or construction law with larger construction projects, we will be glad to provide support and consultation.


  • Support in the conclusion of work contracts and similar agreements (architects contracts, TU-/GU- contracts , working groups, etc.)
  • Support in construction projects in all project phases from the idea to the return on investment
  • Execution of construction projects and support in the corresponding procedures and negotiations
  • Structuring the optimal form of organisation for the realisation of a construction project as well as the selection of suitable partners
  • Representation before courts and courts of arbitration in cases of disputes concerning construction projects
  • Conflict management to avoid legal disputes

Corporate Governance / Compliance

ATAG Attorneys work together with their clients to develop the organisational structure and concepts for good compliance specific to the company in question and provide consultation services for it and its governing bodies in compliance with regulations for good and responsible corporate management and/or preventative policies to prevent breaches.


  • General consulting in the field of corporate governance and compliance
  • Developing compliance-concepts
  • Formulating internal instructions and rules of conduct for topics such as money laundering, corruption, insider trading, whistleblower-programmes, etc.

Family- and Inheritance Law

ATAG Attorneys know the questions and problems that can arise in the context of family, marriage or estate planning and/or estate settlement and provide their clients the support they need – even in an international context – whether in consulting, in court or when interacting with the authorities, where tax law aspects are also included in the comprehensive analysis.


  • Inheritance planning
  • Succession processes (corporate succession)
  • Marriage and/or inheritance contracts
  • Testaments
  • Inheritance law disputes
  • Distributions of estates
  • Execution of wills
  • Partnership contracts
  • Foundations
  • Trusts
  • International inheritance and family law
  • Law governing protection of elderly adults (pension contracts, living wills, etc.)

Corporate and Commercial Law

ATAG Attorneys advise and support their clients in all questions concerning corporate and commercial law; whether in the founding, re-structuring or liquidation of corporations, in the case of mergers, conversions and transfers of assets, business acquisitions or simple changes to articles of association. With many years of experience and proven dedication, ATAG Attorneys also assist their clients in developing and implementing procedures for succession, reorganisation of internal corporate structures and in connection with shareholder contracts.


  • Founding corporations including articles of association
  • General support for start-ups
  • Rules for organisation
  • Binding shareholders agreements
  • Corporate acquisitions (mergers & acquisitions)
  • Contracts under the Mergers Act (with transfers of assets)
  • Legal due diligence
  • Cooperative agreements, joint ventures
  • Corporate governance
  • Responsibility of corporate officers (liability of executive council and managing director)
  • Corporate succession
  • Carrying out general assemblies
  • Increases/ reductions in capital

Immigration and Relocation

ATAG Attorneys excell in establishing foreign private persons and companies in Switzerland and assist them in all legal matters regarding immigration, visas, work and residency permits as well as social insurance and taxes. We also specialize in relocating highly qualified workers to Switzerland.


  • Immigration and visa
  • Work and residency permits
  • Social benefits insurance and tax matters
  • Change of main office location
  • Establishing branch offices
  • Secondment agreements
  • Obtaining and extending residency permits
  • Support in locating suitable living quarters
  • Support in finding public schools and private school
  • Support in adjusting to the new cultural environment

Bankruptcy and Restructuring

ATAG Attorneys intervene on behalf of clients for Swiss and domestic judgements against creditors with residence, domicile or assets in Switzerland for Swiss and international creditors by means of regular foreclosures as well as measures to secure financial securities under Swiss and international law. In bankruptcy proceedings and estate settlements, ATAG Attorneys function as trustees, liquidators, extraordinary intermediary administrators or members of the committee of creditors, while at the same time conducting collocations and annulments. In crisis situations we develop financial restructuring plans for businesses in financial distress and assist them in their execution, lead negotiations with financial creditors, employees or suppliers and provide consultation in mergers and acquisitions.


  • Compulsory enforcement
  • Enforcement of Swiss and foreign legal decisions in Switzerland
  • Settlement of estates and bankruptcy claims
  • Developing financial restructuring plans and support in their implementation
  • Consultation during and implementation of restructuring plans

Conflict Management and Mediation

Conflict management and mediation are instruments of alternative dispute resolution. They serve to resolve differences of opinion through consensus and avoid legal disputes. Alternative dispute resolution offers many advantages that become particularly apparent if the parties desire to work together again in the future or have to cooperate for family-related reasons or due to conditions under corporate law. The objective of mediation is that the parties, under the direction of a moderator, reach an agreement independently that serves their interests and permanently resolves the legal conflict. This makes it possible to find solutions that would have no place in a court proceeding, even for highly controversial and emotional disputes. The mediator supports the parties in structuring the course of the discussion, provides direction in reaching an agreement and finalises the results that are achieved.  There are a number of alternative methods for dispute resolution. Mediation is, in a manner of speaking, just an example. In the framework of our consulting we determine through an initial conflict management process which form of dispute resolution is the best-suited and most-sustainable for our client. Alternative dispute resolution is especially suitable for legal disputes in the following areas:


  • Separation and division of larger assets
  • Inheritance matters
  • Succession plans in businesses
  • Matters involving common-hold ownership of building floors
  • Conflicts under corporate law
  • Conflicts in connection with a new or completed construction project

Private Clients

ATAG Attorneys provide their Swiss and international private clients and their companies with consulting services in the field of estate planning, succession, marriage and inheritance law and in the founding, management and sale of a self-owned company. This also includes the analysis and optimisation of private and business tax situations, consultation in private equity investments as well as managing court proceedings in these areas.


  • Consulting services for business owners and high net worth private persons in national matters
  • Coordination and cooperation with foreign specialists in international matters
  • Consulting and support in Swiss and international marriage and inheritance law
  • Consulting and support in trust law
  • Consulting and support in international tax law
  • Conducting legal actions in inheritance law
  • Consulting and support in private equity
  • Consulting and support in corporate law and M&A
  • Executing wills
  • Law protecting elderly adults (pension contracts, living wills, etc.)

Conducting Cases and Arbitration

ATAG Attorneys excell in all areas in which they provide consulting services, in the legal prosecution of their claims and/or defence against claims brought by opposing parties. They handle court cases for Swiss and foreign individuals and companies in all courts and with all administrative authorities in Switzerland as well as Swiss and international courts of arbitration. In the case of disputes in an international context, ATAG Attorneys have recourse to a broad network of specialists which provides representation in regular foreign courts on our commission and following our clear instruction. We handle legal actions in Switzerland in all officially recognised Swiss languages. In Swiss and international courts of arbitration, we also represent our clients in English, French, Italian and Spanish.


  • Civil actions
  • Preventative legal protection and preventative measures
  • Administrative court proceedings
  • Appeal to the Federal Court
  • Debt collection and bankruptcy
  • Arrest
  • Tax law proceedings
  • Courts of arbitration (Swiss and international)

Tax Law

ATAG Attorneys provide consulting services for Swiss and international corporations, service providers, institutional and private investors, family-owned companies, family offices, trusts, funds, communities of heirs and foundations in all areas of tax law. We advise and support our clients from the start of their tax inquiry to its implementation. ATAG Attorneys provide solutions that are adapted to their client's needs. In this regard the international orientation of ATAG Attorneys is a big advantage, allowing them to draw on an expansive network of relationships with professionals in key foreign regions. We support our clients especially in restructuring, setting up new offices, plans for succession, financing and drafting complex tax returns. We also lead negotiations with the responsible tax authorities or represent our clients in court.


  • Tax planning for domestic and foreign private persons and companies
  • Reorganisation and restructuring
  • Succession planning and inheritance taxes
  • International tax law
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Employee share plans
  • Tax compliance
  • Appeal proceedings
  • Settling in and moving away from Switzerland for private persons and companies
  • Self-reporting and criminal tax law matters
  • Taxing trusts, foundations and investment societies
  • Purchase, sale and structuring of real estate
  • Withholding taxes
  • Taxes on athletes and artists
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